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Your client should be able to get in touch with you at all times; this means by e mail, phone, pager. whatever. 2. Using Too Many Different Fonts The old saying "KISS Keep it simple stupid" applies to this mistake that is often made when first starting out. Using too many fonts will give your design not only an amateur's appearance, but a much cluttered piece of work. 3. Borrowing Others' Designs This is a great big mistake and can lead to a lot of legal problems; let alone ruin your reputation. Your future as a graphic designer depends on your reputation. Under no circumstance should you steal another person's idea just because you like it; remember plagiarism is a big no no as well. 4. Not Getting a Down Payment Most Graphic Designers usually receive half of the agreed upon price up front.

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To prepare for employment, students can demonstrate that they have practical experience by completing an internship while enrolled in undergraduate studies. Prospective designers may also choose to start their careers by offering freelance services and getting paid by assignment. This can further help graphic web designers develop a strong portfolio to secure permanent employment. Graphic website design positions that involve more technical expertise may require a bachelor's degree. Some junior level positions may require two years of experience, while senior level roles may require up to five years of experience, so having a bachelor's degree can help with advancement. Besides a bachelor's degree in website design and development, individuals can complete a computer science bachelor's program with coursework in graphic design and programming. This could prove to be very beneficial, since some employers prefer candidates who have a knowledge of programming languages like SQL and Javascript and experience in multimedia software such as Adobe Flash. Calling all graphic designers, from the U. S. to Singapore, Australia, Brazil, Switzerland and everywhere in between. The International Design Awards is the design competition known for spotlighting some of the best work around the globe.